How do I join Reading Caterpillar?

If your child is the age group of 0-8 years, he or she can be a member of the Reading Caterpillar. For our Reading sessions we currently have three age groups: 18 months to 3 years, up to 4 years and 4 year+ to 6 year+.  For the older age group we have special workshops . The libraray is for children up to 8 years. For further queries, please send us an email at join@readingcaterpillar.com.

What kind of books can I find in the Reading Room?

We have put together a collection of books that cover an interesting range and are unique in their stories, language and illustrations. Our books include best sellers and award winning books in the Children’s category, Modern Classics, Pictorial Stories inspiring the Child to observe, Multilingual Books (English, Spanish, French, and Hindi), Folk Tales with Folk Art from different countries, Popular Characters and series and many more books that are fun and will instil a love of reading. We also have a special section of reference books for parents.

How to choose a book for my child?

We have books for the age group 0 to 8 years. You can refer to our detailed Book List. The books have been catalogued according to the title, age group, classification (animals, emotions, arts and drama & music, theme etc), author and publisher. We keep on adding new books to our shelves and will keep you informed through the notice board or via email.

How to use the Reading Room?
After each reading session you can use the Reading Room with your child and read any book alone.
Can I take a book back?

If you have joined the Reading Caterpillar Library, you can take one book after each session.

How long can we keep a book?

Your child can borrow one book at a time for one week. If you wish to keep it longer, you just have to ask the Reading Ladies.  

Can I bring my own book to share?

Yes, if you feel that you have a book that complements the theme, we would love to have you bring it and we/you can read it to the children.


Can I make suggestions?

We will be more than happy to have your feedback and suggestions on the sessions/Books/Themes. Do speak to us after the session or send us an email.

Do I have to accompany my Child?

For the smaller children (18 months to 3 years), we would like a parent or an adult the child is comfortable with, to accompany the child.

The older children can come unaccompanied.

What is the fee?

The  term at the Book Club (Reading session, Library facility & Artistic activities) has about 8 to 10 sessions. The details will be put up on the website and facebook. The session fee for the term to be paid in advance.  Material and any other special activity are included in the fee.
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