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Books, through their stories and imagery give children an insight into their, humour, rivalry,anger, imagination. Books inspire them to dream Dreams, be gentle and find their peace. What better way to explore about themselves and the world around them!
Here are a few that we love. Do write in if you have some recommendations. Look forward to hearing from you ( )
Theme: Imagination
Theme: adventure
Tactile book
 Picture books
 Theme: Me! Children enjoy reading Books or listening to stories that have a little bit of 'them'
Theme: Me!
Theme: Imagination
Theme: Humour, Imagination
That's how I see things by Sirish Rao and art by Bhajju Shayam (Published by Tara books).
It’s a story of an artist who has his own unique way of looking at things and depicts it like he sees it. A happy pig should of course have peacock feathers so he can really show it and so he makes a Pea-pig , a bluejay he drew needed a loud voice so he gave it a lion's head - he had made a Blue jion! He makes many interesting combinations but the animals are upset and confused. Now Sienna baba has to think of  a plan to keep them all happy.  
This is one of the most imaginative books in recent times. Contemporary Indian writing at its best.
 Dinosaur long-as-127 kids by Geeta Dharmrajan / Rajiv Eipe (Published by Katha) 
This one is for all dino lovers and the ones who are ready to be initiated. Bright illustrations and a really long dinosaur that spills over two pages and story of a dinosaur who is as long as 127 kids  and can carry as many kids - not one less not one more!
 Rib and Fuzz by Vineeta Krishna, Published by Khaas Kitaab.
One of the very few tactile books by an indian Author, it’s a story of two caterpilars Rib and Fuzz and Yes they are ribbed and fuzzy! Their hunt for a perfect tree leads them to many before they find the one that's perfect. Every page has something for the child to touch and feel as they read the story. Great for the under five's
Vegetables / flowers / fruits of India by Jill Hartley, Published by Tara books / Picture Books,
This collection is beautiful, these are small board books . The pictures are very coffee table book like:colorful, artistic and bright.There are no borders, each spread is a picture with no words. The names are given on the last page of the book. The book is easy to hold for a little child , and an absolute treat to look at.
 No, David (By David Shannon, Publisher-Scholastic, Age - 2 to 5 years),One of the funniest picture books I have come across, this one is a Caldecott Honour winner (1999). Written or rather sketched by David Shannon when he was 5, this one captivates the young ones. David, is no looker  but his 'upto no good' mishievous grin makes this book a page turner ''what is he going to do next ?" David has antics lined up even as his mommy says 'NO!' . This is one of those books that make the little ones giggle as they see David running out of home Stark naked, sneaking in with his muddy shoes and of course jumping on his bed even as Mom shouts 'Settle down David!" 
This book is now available in bookstores. Try Full Circle or Eureka! in Delhi. And of course we at Reading Caterpillar, have a copy in the library.
To Market ! To market (Anushka Ravishankar, Publisher- Tara Publishing, Age - 3 to 6 years, but like all great children's books this one is for everyone), It captures the dilemma a little girl faces as she goes to the market with some money to shop. Should she buy the bangles, or this or that? Something silly or just nice! Its written in verse that is at once silly and lyrical. The illustrations in this book are stunning and vivid. Illustrated by award-winning Italian artist Emanuele Scanziani, it brings out the beauty and vibrancy of the Indian bazaar, you can smell the smells, hear the chatter, the jangle of bangles and the tickle of spices in the nose. As I read this one, it took me back to my days at the many weekly haats, with my precious pocket money and options so many!
This book is available at all the major bookstores in Delhi. Tara books are much in demand and sometimes not all titles are available but your Bookstore should be able to procure this one for you. My favorite bookstore at Jor Bagh (The Bookshop) just got us a second copy
Where the Wild things are (Maurice Sendak, Publisher- Harper Collins, Age - 4 to 8 years) The book was awarded the Caldecott medal in 1964.It also won the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award. Let your imagination run as wild as a child and see this book come alive with your little one. This along with the Book 'Harold and the Purple crayon' are two best books to show children what we can do with our imagination. The illustrations are done with a pen and color. Children relate to the pictures as they observe the very caricature like monsters
Little Max has a fun romp in the house dressed like a wolf when mum decides she has had enough of his mischief and send the Little Wild Thing to his room without supper. Max is furious!  and as he paces around the room, a mysterious, wild forest grows out of his imagination, and Max sails to the land of the Wild Things. The Wild Things are fearsome-looking monsters, but Max conquers them "by staring into their yellow eyes without blinking once", and he soon he's made "the King of all Wild Things", dancing with the monsters in a "wild rumpus". But of course Little Wild things do miss their Mums and thier home, so Max decides to go home even though the monsters promise to eat him up ! He returns home to his bedroom where he finds his supper waiting for him, and it is still hot!
The only bookstore I have seen the book is at The Bookshop (Jor bagh) . And you might find it on the online bookstore (delivery time 3 weeks). And yes in our Library for sure!
It's only a story by Cathy Spagnoli and published by Tulika.
This one is a favorite read aloud book. It is a fanatstic chain story with simple repititions that children absolutely enjoy. Interesting for children and encourages them to participate in the reading. The illustrations (Warli Art) are beautiful, a narrow strip running through the pages depicts the story . An ant and peacock are friends, ant invites Peacock over for a meal and falls in the curry pot! Thus begins the travails of the characters in  the book . A very interesting activity to do with this is to copy the art. little figures in warli style are easy to copy from the pages and the stick figures are fun to make.
This book is available at all the major bookstores in Delhi
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